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Secure. Simply.

USR ID locks your computer securely as you walk away, and unlocks it when you return, allowing you to skip login.

Ready. Always.

Set it up once and you’re done. USR ID is always on in the background, so your computer is ready to work when you are — without having to type your password.

You. Only.

USR ID uses Bluetooth LE and your mobile phone to automatically know when you’re there — using Three Factor Authentication.

Flexibility. Anywhere.

From anywhere in the world, lock and unlock your computer — using one of more than a dozen user-defined settings.

Powerful. Patented.

USR ID utilizes the most powerful ID authentication technology available anywhere with a 256-bit pseudo-random code.

Safe. Totally.

No passwords, PINs or anything else of value are transmitted from your phone. Ever.

I am loving Leash! It's saving me a huge annoyance of typing in my password a billion times a day. I had no trouble installing it and getting it going. I didn’t need the instructions (though I was glad to see that pdf there if I needed it)

Jane DoeDesigner

Leash is awesome - just what I needed to protect my work when I'm getting stuff done in a public place.

Mike SmithAccountant

You already know your computer.
Now it knows you.

About Three Factor Authentication

There are only three ways to prove who you are, and USR ID uses all of them:

  • A Secret. Something you know but others do not — like a PIN or a password
  • A Token. Something you have that is unique and difficult to duplicate — like a key, or a mobile phone.
  • A Biometric. Something unique to you — like your fingerprint.

USR ID incorporates all three factors in its recommended configuration, making it the most secure personal proxy in the world. The app’s powerful algorithm produces a Pseudo Random Code that matches the unique, one-time code produced by the companion app installed on your computer. When your phone transmits the PRC to your computer, you are proving your identity. Your secret PIN or password is never stored in your mobile phone and therefore cannot be compromised by reverse engineering.

USR ID is made under license from Universal Secure Registry LLC. Learn more.

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